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Diversity and Inclusion Dialogues


We recognized a need to engage leaders and associates in substantive education and dialogue that promotes a climate of psychological safety, belonging and voice among all employees, thereby increasing engagement and personal fulfillment at work.


Launched Diversity Dialogues in 2019. A 1-hour engagement session consisting of education and dialogue to promote understanding of diversity as a business imperative and inclusion as an enabler to one of the company’s Key Strategic Initiatives: Best People + Right Culture. Over 20 sessions conducted, starting with the executive leadership team and leadership teams at each of the four regional headquarters. 

Launched Inclusion “Toolbox Talks” to promote a sense of teamwork and belonging at the jobsite level. A short session that promotes inclusion by emphasizing communication, equity and fairness among all associates and external trade partners on jobsites.


Positive qualitative feedback among employees and positive reinforcement of ‘industry-leading’ efforts by one of our major customers. 

Net Promoter Score indicating employee willingness to promote our company as a good place to work – results deemed above industry norm in 2019. 


Pete Burney – VP, Diversity, Inclusion and Compliance

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