Diversity and Inclusion Councils


We recognized that our D&I efforts were fragmented and were challenged with bringing our healthcare system together with one consistent and inclusive voice and strategy for our delivery networks.


D&I councils are network committees made up of employee volunteers who assist our health system on executing 3 objectives:  D&I Education, Increasing diverse talent and community outreach.  In order to have a consistent D&I message these volunteers are trained by the office of D&I to learn the skills needed to execute their objectives.  Once they have learned these skills to perform they become Inclusion Champions for the health system.   

Our Inclusion Champions are made up of our employees who lead, organize, advocate for, inform and directly support the Diversity and Inclusion System Strategy. They support the efforts of the system to build inclusive cultures, providing them with the big picture, practical tools, and a forum for sharing experiences with their peers.  They also help provide focus on D&I initiatives throughout the organization. 

Open to all.  We believe that our councils directly support the efforts of diversity and inclusion. 


YNHHS currently has 230 active inclusion champions throughout the health system in 6 fully developed councils.


Lisette Martinez


While it is important for an organization to express a commitment to diversity and inclusion, making that commitment part of an organization’s DNA is hard work.  Thanks to an engaged system-wide leadership team that understands and embraces the importance of living our values each and every day, we are well on our way toward making diversity and inclusion an intrinsic part of our culture.  This is a journey that needs periodic times of reflection, renewal and advocacy but it requires that we always remember that diversity and inclusion are critical to realizing our vision of being a caring organization recognized for excellence in all that we do.

Marna Borgstrom
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