Diversity and Inclusion Activations Calendar at Billy Reid


At Billy Reid we invite people to be themselves, collaborate freely, and forge connections for life. We are inherently  social and it matters to us that our hospitality  and warmth extends to how  we acknowledge and celebrate the diversity of our broader community. As a pillar of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategy - COMMUNITY  focuses on driving awareness through genuine community engagement and partnership within our organization.


As individuals within a range of broader communities, it's important that we respect  those around us. Our Diversity & Inclusion Activations Calendar brings awareness by centering different days of significance and observance, months of awareness, and events in celebration of the diverse backgrounds and cultures that surround us.

Our leadership leverages the calendar and our stakeholder relationships to activate in ways that welcomes our audience to deepen our awareness and  appreciation  of  the  many aspects of  diversity. Through engaging both internally and externally, whether it's our own activations, activating in partnership with other organizations, or simply furthering our awareness and understanding by influencing participation on an individual  basis; our  goal is to  broaden our  awareness  through meaningful  dialogue, building community and fellowship.




Chris Clayton

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