Diversity and Faculty Hiring Initiative


While William & Mary's student body has become increasingly diverse, attracting greater representation of scholars of color on our faculty has proven more difficult.


Responsive to the university's strategic plan and the recommendations of the recent presidential Task Force on Race and Race Relations, the university is strengthening its commitment to expanding the racial diversity of our faculty. The FY17 budget, approved by the Board of Visitors, included funds to help expand faculty diversity, dedicating $500,000 for this effort, with this amount increased to $1,000,000 in FY18. These are recurring base-line funds.

Diversity is a shared goal and requires shared participation across the campus. The purpose of these funds is to expand and complement our existing efforts (including the university's Affirmative Action plans), not replace them. The bulk of these funds will be used for two primary purposes: faculty recruitment and salary support. Grants are available to deans to expand current faculty recruitment efforts, and targeted hiring opportunities receive salary support from the Provost (covering 100% of salary in year 1, 75% in year 2, 50% in year 3, and 25% thereafter) in partnership with the faculty member's school.


The first six faculty hires under this initiative were made in spring 2017 with more to come in each successive year. We anticipate hiring as many as 25 faculty of color in the next 10 years through this program.


Chon Glover


Our students of color need to see professors in the classrooms and laboratories who look like them. The entire campus community needs the breadth of experience and diverse perspectives of faculty of color. We will all benefit from their splendid teaching, mentoring and research.

W. Taylor Reveley III
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