Diversify DSM


Recognizing the financial service industry’s challenge in attracting and retaining diverse talent, the Bank started a local cooperative initiative in 2016. Joined by eight other like-minded, similar-sized financial service companies, the initiative, now called Diversify DSM, is poised to improve diverse representation across the financial services industry in Central Iowa. Together, the group is creating change as a cooperative – combining efforts to collectively make a greater difference.

  • The Bank reached out to 18 local financial services. Of those, eight organizations from various segments of the financial services industry committed to the future of Diversify DSM.
  • We’ve gained strong executive support for this initiative. With the help of their commitment, voice and participation, we’ve managed to unite forces to drive change within our industry.
  • In 2017, the group moved forward with planning and research to understand the challenges our industry faces in attracting and retaining diverse talent. Focus groups were conducted by each member organization.
  • Our action plan for 2018 is divided into three focus areas: branding, outreach and recruitment. Some of our planned initiatives for 2018 include:

    • Connecting with a broad group of community organizations and non-profits to help elevate the financial services story – not only in our community, but in our region.
    • We’re working together to recruit and retain qualified individuals from diverse populations to strengthen our talent pipeline.
    • We’re focusing our diversity and inclusion efforts, time and resources to making an impact – not just within our individual organizations, but across Central Iowa.

FHLB Des Moines is actively recruiting partner organizations – educational institutions and non-profit organizations – that support our initiative mission and more importantly, our focus on career development to further our initiative efforts.


Nancy Betz
[email protected]


Signing the CEO pledge to diversity and inclusion is an important step for me. The Bank is making progress on several fronts including increasing the diversity of our workforce, ensuring all voices are heard and respected, and shifting the mindset of people about why diversity is integral to our success. I want to leverage our learning with other companies in Central Iowa and beyond, but I also want to learn from others who are further along in their journeys. Being part of the CEO pledge makes all that possible.

Mike Wilson
President and CEO, FHLB Des Moines
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