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At Harley-Davidson, we believe in creating and sustaining an engaging, diverse and inclusive workplace where every employee gets to bring their whole self to work. In 2018, the company announced the closure of the Kansas City facility, which resulted in over 390 job shifts from Missouri to Pennsylvania through the consolidation of all motorcycle manufacturing. 


Harley-Davidson had several initiatives to ensure inclusion in our hiring practices to assist with the transition. Two of these initiatives enacted in 2018 were “ban the box” during the application process and a pay equity directive for salaried employees. With the “ban the box” initiative, the question about prior criminal history was removed from the application. This allows the application to be processed without any unfair bias due to disclosure of this type of information.  The equality pay directive means the company does not ask  for current salary information when preparing job offers. The job offers are based solely on the job description and the EMV (Equitable Market Value). These factors set aside the race and gender of applicants and put everyone on a fair foundation. 


These factors set aside the race and or gender of applicants and put everyone on a fair foundation. With studies showing the discrepancies between men and women and white and non-white applicants, this initiative allows Harley-Davidson to set the example for fairness in hiring practices.  For these reasons, Harley-Davidson is being recognized by the City of York Human Relations Commission (CYHRC) at its 2019 Diversity Dinner as Large Business of the Year. 

Freedom is personal.  When we think about our company Purpose to fulfill dreams of personal freedom and as we all see the meaning we bring to a world of individuals who use Harley-Davidson to make a statement about who they are, diversity is as powerful an idea in our business as you can get.  With our powerful purpose, we are striving to be the most customer-led company on the planet.  We’ll only truly get there with a genuine curiosity and passion for the great diversity in our world and by reflecting that in all we do, how we act and what we believe.

Matthew S. Levatich, CEO, Harley Davidson Inc.

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