#DIVE = Diversity, Inclusion, Value & Equality – Associate Program


With 45 offices across 25 countries, Blue Yonder’s 5,300 associates are part of a diverse global community. That’s why Blue Yonder is committed to diversity and inclusion.


Blue Yonder strengthened its DIVE office initiative (Diversity, Inclusion, Value and Equality) in April 2020

  • Vision: Our workforce is representative of our customers and communities. We create a learning and innovative culture to bring together a diverse set of viewpoints to drive our talent strategy.
  • Mission: We strive to create an inclusive and diverse environment where associates can grow and thrive with the freedom to be unique and authentic. Our goal is for each and every one of us to fulfill our highest potentials, be challenged in the work that we do, and embrace our uniqueness.

Established a foundation for affinity groups, share a Diversity Report in our intranet, launched diversity and inclusion awareness campaigns and learning courses, and strengthened our partnership with university diversity programs. 


Heather Meheut, Director, Associate Success & Global DIVE

Jolene Peixoto, VP Corporate Communications

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