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Distinctive Living's Responses to 2020 Racial Tensions


The racial awakening of 2020 propelled us to examine the effects of social justice issues in the workplace. The first step to addressing these issues is to have the necessary difficult conversations. However, speaking about race in the workplace can be difficult for many reasons – Either lack expertise to moderate these conversations or colleagues not feeling safe enough to do so.


To start having difficult conversations, we are committed to creating the space to do so. We are committed to acknowledging social issues related to Gender, Race, ethnicity, etc., that impact our colleagues and communities through making official statements internally. We will also encourage employees to check in with each other and, as senior leaders, personally reach out and provide resources to colleagues most affected. Of course, as racism have a mental health impact, we will reevaluate our benefits offering to ensure mental health options are available to our employees.


When real problems happen in our world, it most certainly affects how we show up to work. This past year has taught us that there should no longer be a separation between our work selves and who are outside of work. We hope that by acknowledging social issues in the workplace, we solidify our culture of caring and create a culture where employees feel seen and safe.


At Distinctive Living, we pride ourselves on our culture of caring, where we prioritize the well-being of our employees, which translates to exceptional care for our residents. To continue nurturing such a culture, our community must be a reflection of our diverse society. I’m proud to take the CEO Action Pledge to continue this critical work of ensuring that diversity and inclusion remain at the heart of all that we do to be more empathetic and make our company one where everyone, team members and residents alike, feels welcome that they belong.

Joseph Jedlowski
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Distinctive Living
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