Discussions Across Differences at PTC


We recognized a desire to create opportunities for groups of employees and senior leadership to engage in conversations around shared characteristics, life experiences, and interests.


In 2016, PTC launched a set of guidelines to help employees develop Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). These groups are inclusive of everyone, regardless of level, location, or demographic. Our growing number of ERGS include:

  • Women of PTC: Our first ERG, where women can support, network, and grow personally and professionally.
  • Emerging Leadership Forum: Encouraging and supporting young emerging leaders at PTC.
  • PRISM: LGBTQIAP+ group dedicated to creating an inclusive culture of acceptance and understanding.
  • Black Employees at PTC ([email protected]), Asian Employees at PTC ([email protected]), and Hola: Fostering cultural awareness and an inclusive environment around differences and unique perspectives.
  • Energize: Promoting healthy perspectives, fitness, and wellness initiatives.
  • Innovation: Identifying and experimenting with disruptive technologies.
  • PTC Toastmasters: Empowering individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders.

 To promote further discussion, ERGs worked together to launch our Diversity Dialogues series. In this series, employee hosts invite executive leadership to speak on topics of diversity within the workplace. This series is an open forum that is held in-person and broadcasted live to global employees.


ERGs are considered a key part of our diversity strategy. Currently, we have nine global ERGs with nearly 2,000 members collectively. The dialogues created by these ERGs have become a platform for a broader conversation around diversity and inclusion and have increased awareness companywide around the issues that are important to our employees.


Paula Hudson, Senior Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Specialist


We’re better together. We’re better when we bring people from all walks of life and backgrounds together and use our diverse perspectives to solve complex problems. When employees join PTC, they feel welcome and included, and together we reflect the diverse communities we serve.

Jim Heppelmann
PTC President & CEO
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