Disclosure of Diversity Numbers


We have a gender imbalance at Juniper Networks. Until recently, we had not publicly acknowledged our challenges or been clear about where we plan to focus our efforts to drive improvement.


We recently published our first annual diversity update—to share our numbers, to think differently and most importantly, to set an example for driving change.

Transparency is an important first step. The data we’ve released shows that Juniper has a journey ahead of us to achieve gender balance across the globe, and specifically in our engineering and leadership ranks. 

Disclosing our numbers is part of our commitment to invest in and support inclusion and diversity at Juniper Networks. We believe that establishing a clear and transparent strategy to foster inclusion and diversity is fundamental in order to drive alignment and to focus our resources in an impactful manner.


We’ve published employee data (as of December 31, 2017) for global gender diversity, global technical gender diversity and global leadership gender diversity. Further, we have committed to providing an update in the upcoming year, to share the progress Juniper Networks has made.


Hillary Weingast
[email protected]


Across industries and even around the world, a lack of transparency in employment and salary information has contributed significantly to the disparities that exist today. At Juniper Networks, we’re proud to join with other companies that are disclosing their numbers as a first step of many toward addressing this global challenge.

Rami Rahim
CEO, Juniper Networks
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