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Employees reluctant to request accommodations if it hits their department budget because they did not want to be “a burden” or ask their manager for accommodation; and the data gathering of accommodation requests/outcomes for compliance audits was difficult and required soliciting multiple functional key stakeholders such as medical, facilities, security, IT, department management, environmental/health/safety, ergonomics, site administrative assistants, etc.


Implemented Centralized Accommodation Budget/Function, launched Online Self-Service Portal to request Accommodations for Employees, Applicants, Visitors, Investors, which included a single data gathering Case Tracking System for ease of meeting compliance obligations.


Increased culture of inclusion for PWD, easier way for employees/applicants/interviewees/visitors and non-employees to request accommodations from centralized budget. Significant increase in volume of tracked accommodation requests – projected 500 requests first year and had 1496 first year (2600 requests in under 2 years). Drastically improved self-identification rates of PWD employee population from 2.9% to 6.3%, included accommodation request portal on applicant/interview and hiring of PWD average is around 10%, veterans and veterans with disabilities / Operation IMPACT between 20-30%.


Nikki Alphonse: [email protected]

Northrop Grumman Corporation is committed to being an employer of choice and in doing so, embarked on disability inclusion initiatives in recent years specifically targeted to empower employees, support innovation and productivity, and strengthen the organization, and enrich the work lives of all employees. Northrop Grumman values the unique talents and contributions that every single person brings to work which makes our company a top performing company. We recognize that the marketplace has a valuable talent segment which we have tapped into to bring more people with disabilities into our workplace and we made conscious decisions on which programs to invest and launch in support of those talent segments such as providing an easier way for employees to request and receive reasonable accommodations.

Wes Bush, Chairman, CEO & President, Northrop Grumman Corporation

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