D&I Toolkit


Standalone learning about diversity and inclusion topics is important, and we have learned that they can’t be the only source of learning if we expect to make significant and effective organizational change. We wanted to enhance our unconscious bias learning offering to include smaller group conversations, which tend to increase a sense of safety, and peer-to-peer learning, which deepens learning.


We are introducing a toolkit that includes short-burst, informal learning modules. The toolkit includes 30-minute discussions on inclusion and belonging in the workplace. These discussions are facilitated by Employee Resource Group (ERG) members, who receive special training.


Through this program, we hope to do the following:

  • Support ongoing unconscious bias discussion as a way to reinforce our formal training
  • Make learning accessible to all through convenient, 30-minute learning opportunities
  • Give employees a common language for describing their experiences (for example, microaggression), thereby enabling them to work through any negative experiences and engage around difficult topics
  • Provide ERG members with professional development and expand their influence in the workplace
  • Activate managers to hold space for diversity and inclusion conversations with their teams

Esayas Wureta


If we’re going to create a work environment in which everyone feels a strong sense of belonging, it requires all of our active engagement. It requires intentionality, a common language and new set of tools. As an organization whose core values include “we are caring” and “we are inclusive,” we owe it to our employees to equip them with those tools. 

Paula Downey
President and CEO, CSAA Insurance Group
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