D&I Strategy Framework


Within the broad landscape of Diversity and Inclusion, understanding and clearly defining guidelines and a comprehensive framework that would best support our initiatives was critical to success. 


Through assessments, dozens of employee interviews, and benchmarking, we developed a six-part strategy framework which acts as the foundation to support our D&I programs.

  1. Set “Tone At The Top”: It is imperative that senior leaders are engaged and prioritize D&I initiatives as part of their daily considerations and conversations. We have incorporated a separate D&I section on our employee survey to assess state of inclusiveness and belonging. D&I is included in goal setting and progress is measured against our goals. 

  2. Create One Intuit D&I Data Strategy: Fewer than 12% of Fortune 1000 companies share D&I data with their employees. We believe in transparency and the importance of sharing our numbers. A D&I dashboard, which is refreshed monthly, is accessible to all 9000+ employees.

  3. Talent Life Cycle: Hire, Grow and Retain: We believe it is up to corporations to change society by investing and inspiring a wide range of talent pools. We partner closely with our Talent Acquisition teams in reaching out to new college graduates, early and mid-career professionals and returning tech professionals through our Intuit Again program. We also have a strong commitment to developing diverse talent pools in our youth through Girls Who Code and Grace Hopper.

  4. Build Leader and Manager Capabilities: We recognize the need for employees to feel connected, heard, and valued. If our managers don’t promote a sense of belonging, there is a greater chance the employee will decide to leave. To support our managers, we provide a comprehensive D&I toolkit which includes training focused on unconscious bias and improving allyship.

  5. Telling Our Story: We have a culture of self-reflection both internally and externally which is supported by our D&I program. Employees take their “brand” and how they “show up” very seriously. Internally we tell our story through our all hands sessions, table talks & videos, D&I Dashboard, and publishing D&I company operating metrics. Externally we are proud to be part of the CEO Action Pledge where we can share our D&I program and initiatives. We have also focused on gender equality when we had the privilege of addressing the UN Commission on the status of women in the workplace in March 2019 and by being active participants in Parliament 51, based in Tel Aviv, which promotes gender equality in the tech world.

  6. Fostering Engagement and Community: Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are an important part of our Diversity and Inclusion program. ERGs help us find common ground with our colleagues by building understanding, trust, empathy and capability. They also help us attract future talent and grow the business through their insights and experience.

The presence of the established framework is helping us measure our D&I success and maturity. We use this framework with employees, shareholders and other key stakeholders. 


Scott Beth

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