D&I Dashboard


As part of our commitment to creating a safe, ethical and inclusive work environment, we believe creating a culture of transparency and trust is key — and it starts with data.


One way we are building a culture of transparency and trust is by sharing our latest diversity and inclusion (D&I) data internally, including our workforce demographics and progress on employee belonging and engagement.  Our hope is by sharing this data, we can consciously think about building diversity of our teams and make choices to improve the representation of different perspectives, different experiences, different characteristics – so that we mirror our diverse 50 million (and growing) customers.

In January 2019, we launched a D&I dashboard to all our 9000+ employee base. The dashboard shares headcount by gender, ethnicity, geography and technical versus non-technical roles (when that information is available).  It also includes pulse survey scores for belonging, engagement, and team environment. The dashboard data is refreshed monthly with data from the prior month and is available to be viewed by all employees, from interns to our CEO.In March 2019, we launched a second phase of the dashboard to Directors and above giving them access to aggregated gender and ethnicity data for their organization, and across Intuit. In addition, they can see hires, attrition and mobility.  By providing expanded access, we are encouraging leaders to use D&I data to think more proactively about talent-related decisions to create a more diverse and inclusive work environment.

We are fostering an environment of transparency through regularly reporting diversity metrics not only to our employees, but also to the public on Intuit’s website: https://www.intuit.com/company/diversity/


As the dashboard is a relatively new component to our D&I initiatives, we are continuing to socialize and integrate it into our company culture. 


Scott Beth

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