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Accelerating a formal Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Initiative that aligns with our corporate objectives.


Sunovion believes a more diverse workforce with a broader range of perspectives is essential to unlocking scientific advances and bringing forward important new medicines. To ensure the organization could accelerate a formal D&I Initiative, the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) at Sunovion aligned D&I with its corporate objectives in Fiscal Years 2020 and 2021. In the first year, the organization conducted outreach and convened information sessions and focus groups to identify people across the business representing different voices, perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences which could help enhance a culture of inclusion throughout our Company. Employees from across the business were selected to establish and lead the inaugural D&I Council, a formal and focused D&I Initiative sponsored by our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO).


Under the Executive Sponsorship of our CEO and CHRO, the D&I Council was formed, which enabled Sunovion to accomplish the following within one year of taking steps to formalize our D&I Initiative:

  • Formed four employee-driven Business Impact Groups
  • Established a strategic multi-year plan
  • Selected and tracked related key D&I performance metrics aligned with the business
  • Provided required unconscious bias training for all leaders, HR team and employees

The D&I Council and those who supported the advancement of D&I in the workplace were recognized through the Company’s Spotlight on Excellence Award for their pioneering efforts, alignment to core company values and objectives, focus on leveraging their talents and differences, and modeling D&I at the Company.


I am proud to initiate a formal focus on Diversity and Inclusion, which is in the best interest of our employees and enhances our ability to contribute to pharmaceutical innovation, development, and commercialization of new medicines to help people with serious medical conditions. To make our organization sustainable and successful over the long-term our goals include advancing an inclusive company with diverse perspectives that fully understands the needs of the patients we serve and the broader society we operate in.

Antony Loebel
M.D., President, and CEO, and Executive Sponsor, D&I Council, Sunovion
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