D&I Ambassador Program


The challenge is engaging employees at all levels of the company around diversity and inclusion, and communicating the importance and relevance of D&I to the success of our teams, our company, and our business.


The Office of Diversity & Inclusion developed the D&I Ambassador program as a management tool, in partnership with Moody’s lines of business. The program’s goals are to  communicate and cascade annual D&I commitments, to communicate the importance of diversity and inclusion, and to promote D&I programs to managers, employees and peers. Each line of business appoints a mid- or senior-level leader who leads and drives the D&I strategy and commitments in their line of business. The D&I Ambassador also coordinates a regional network of Ambassadors responsible for marketing D&I initiatives locally.

The D&I Ambassador Program leverages the diverse backgrounds, knowledge and experiences of our  ambassadors to facilitate discussions in a way that engages all perspectives and is relevant to the business. Examples of D&I Ambassador activities include:

  • Facilitating diversity education or presentations at line of business meetings
  • Emphasizing diverse slates for hiring managers
  • Distributing monthly D&I updates to their lines of business

As we sustain our success and growth, D&I Ambassadors offer guidance and tips on how to build an inclusive work environment by managing a diverse workforce, serve as open-minded role models to others as they build inclusive high-performing teams, and encourage creativity and innovation.


As a result of the D&I Ambassador program, we have experienced greater inclusion within our culture, and a better understanding of the importance of D&I to the company and to our success. We have greater senior leader commitment and manager engagement, which helps to promote the importance of diversity and inclusion. Finally, we have realized a significant increase in employee participation in all of our D&I and ERG programs.


The work of the D&I ambassadors is invaluable not only to increasing awareness of D&I’s importance to employees, but also in bringing the conversation closer to the line of business and department level – more fully incorporating D&I into employees’ day-to-day experience.

Raymond W. McDaniel, Jr.
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