Developing the Greater Leader Within


Tupperware Brands strives to recognize, understand, value and promote the diversity inherent in our global workforce, salesforce and customer base. As we created development programs for our associates we wanted to gain valuable insights into our workforce that would help us assess a diverse set of high potential employees for future leadership roles.


The Chairman’s Leadership Summit was launched in 2014.   Associates are invited to a 3 ½ day workshop facilitated by the Chairman and CEO and the VP of Global Talent Management at an off-site location.  Senior Leaders are often guest facilitators providing an opportunity for participants to be exposed to senior management and diverse colleagues from around the world.  The program focuses on developing Business Acumen and Leadership skills.  HR Partners from the participant’s countries follow up upon completion of the program to continue coaching and supporting the participant’s on-going development.   


The Chairman’s Leadership Summit has become a pipeline for identifying diverse talent early in their career so that we can create solid and actionable development plans to help our associates develop into the greater leader within them.   As participants talk about challenges and issues in their countries while working together on assignments or enjoying a meal together the program encourages open dialogue.  Our Chairman and CEO and VP of Global Talent Management create an environment that encourages a culture of inclusivity and the importance of being open-minded global citizens where everyone is welcome. 

Within Tupperware minorities represented 58% of all promotions in 2016 among US professional and management positions.  Women represented 63% of all U.S. associate promotions in 2016 among professional and management positions.

At Tupperware our purpose is to ignite a global community, especially women, to realize their best selves through opportunity, enrichment, celebration, and above all else, uplifting relationships. 

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