Developing Diverse Talent at Zennify


The traditional way of learning to become a software developer can be long and focus on the least enjoyable parts. However, knowing the challenges, requirements, and demands developers face, the best way to learn is to create an environment that simulates current industry standards and needs while maintaining the interest and passion of those who work there.


Zennify seeks to partner with organizations and return to work programs that help individuals move into the technology and develop careers for our ZAP (Zennify Apprentice Program). This program provides tools, training, mentorship, and connections to senior talent so that they may be able to have opportunities to grow in our organization.


We have successfully had tremendous success acquiring a diverse pool of talent with various backgrounds to contribute to our team’s growth and success since starting this program. Each of our ZAP graduates has excelled on their teams and in their projects. Many have also been promoted to advanced positions quickly because of the training and mentoring made available.


Savana Maxon
Sr. Employee Engagement Manager


DEI lives at the core of Zennify and permeates throughout the organization like a shining ray of light — we will embrace and celebrate it.

Manvir Sandhu
CEO, Zennify
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