Developing Diverse Talent and Implementing Gender Strategies


Improving diversity at all levels at Callan. 


Proactively promote and recognize women, minorities, and others of diverse backgrounds and continue to build a culture grounded in entrepreneurship and respect. 


A firm equally led by women and/or diverse individuals

Since the firm’s founding in 1973, Callan has supported a collegial, inclusive culture. The firm has always taken steps to develop diverse talent and ensure gender diversity at all levels. Examples include:

  • Maintaining an employee-owned business model allows us to focus on long-term objectives, such as promoting a healthy culture and creating a more diverse organization

  • Creating the Callan Inclusion Committee, which reports on diversity and inclusion initiatives at Callan and in the investment industry

  • Ensuring the senior team’s involvement in decisions, whether it touches on mentorships promotions, or committee leadership, for example

  • Recognizing a number of talented women, who then took on new roles and responsibilities, including the positions of chief operating officer, chief compliance officer, and head of fund sponsor consulting

  • Ensuring associates are paid fairly and equitably through our Compensation Committee, which comprises 50% women

  • Tracking positions by gender and ethnicity throughout all levels and at each Callan office

The result is a diverse and inclusive team: (as of December 31, 2019)

  • 52% of management committee is female and/or diverse
  • 58% of managers are female and/or diverse
  • 57% of employees are female and/or diverse
  • 49% of shareholders are female and/or diverse

From our viewpoint, when an organization has women and people of diverse backgrounds in senior positions, promoting women and/or diverse people becomes part of the natural process.


Ron Peyton


At Callan, we have found that providing a voice for each associate, listening to their diverse needs, and finding practical ways to honor those needs has created a culture that truly embraces a diversity of perspectives and nurtures each individual career path.

Greg Allen
CEO and Chief Research Officer
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