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Kindred needed a high-level strategy for diversity and inclusion that would take into account specific challenges within the healthcare industry from the perspective of long-term care, acute care, rehabilitation, home health, hospice, and skilled nursing providers.  The strategy also needed to reflect Kindred’s historical and current perspectives on diversity and inclusion, and analyze the organizational climate across multiple lines of business.  


The Diversity and Inclusion leader, Dr. Tim Findley, worked with a variety of team members to gain a candid understanding of senior leadership’s individual and collective perspective on diversity and inclusion.  Kindred Healthcare has approximately 2,654 locations in 46 states. Dr. Findley visited local integrated markets on the west coast, in Texas, in the Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast gathering the information to formulate a strategy specific to Kindred Healthcare.  He used focus groups, interviews, surveys, and workshops to qualitatively assess the attitudes, beliefs, and perceived priorities of leaders, and then aligned that understanding with diversity and inclusion best practices and benchmarks to establish Kindred’s strategic goals and objectives.   


The finalized plan was reviewed by Ben Breier, Kindred’s CEO, and presented to the senior leadership team for consideration.  The plan was approved and is currently being implemented by leaders across the breath of Kindred Healthcare.


Dr. Tim Findley: [email protected]

We believe that our greatest strength is the dedication and diversity of our teammates and their ability to make recovery and wellness possible for the more than one million patients we serve each year. Therefore, it is a top priority to attract top-rated talent and then commit to train and retain a quality workforce that reflects the cultures and diversity of the patients and communities we serve. By working together, we intentionally continue to build an inclusive workforce where diversity is respected and differences are recognized as a part of our strong culture. We are committed to treating each other with dignity and respect, as unique individuals with varied backgrounds and experiences. Whether providing direct care, cooking meals, cleaning a facility, or simply lending a smile, our employees are part of a diverse and talented team, without whom Kindred’s success would not be possible.

Ben Breier, President and CEO, Kindred Healthcare, Inc.

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