Develop a Plan for Diversity and Inclusion at ICF


ICF needed to respond to employees about the racial tensions and social unrest in 2020 and beyond and ensure they were aware of the diversity and inclusion plan being developed.


After the social unrest in 2020, ICF’s CEO (John Wasson) released a company-wide statement recognizing the social injustice and showing his support for black employees and communities. Shortly thereafter, he and the CHRO partnered with a D&I expert from George Washington University to create and execute a diversity and inclusion plan. In late June, a town hall was held for all employees which featured several black employees who shared their experiences, thoughts and perspectives. In early July, a position was opened for a D&I Leader. Also in July, a D&I hub was published on the company intranet, featuring a diversity dashboard. Into August, 13 listening sessions were conducted with employees across the company. An all-employee survey on diversity and inclusion was launched in late July which resulted in focus groups held in August to help shape the company’s D&I plan. In September, the D&I plan was shared with all employees.

In 2021 following the results of the trial for the murder of George Floyd, the CEO, new D&I Leader and other senior leaders sent emails to employees to acknowledge the step forward and unrest in the Hispanic and Asian communities, commit to the work that is ahead and remind employees to spend time with families and use the wellbeing resources available to them.


A D&I plan was developed, employees were made aware of the plan through a company-wide All Hands meeting, a D&I Leader was hired to drive the plan forward and employees engaged in supportive exchange via internal social channels. As a part of culture and community building (1 of 4 pillars of the D&I plan), employee community networks were launched, giving employees the opportunity to join and continue to engage.

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