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Develop a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy


Identify and articulate our stance on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.


Over the last quarter we have developed a Statement on Diversity and a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy to formalise our commitment to the DEI agenda. Part of this process was to have the policy reviewed by the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Taskforce, HR, Legal and a diverse cross section of Yondr employees across all regions we operate in.

The purpose of this Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy is to outline our commitment to our employees, articulate appropriate behaviour and highlight those behaviours that do not align with the core values of our company and therefore damage the sense of community we all share. We are committed to evolving this code over time as needed.

The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy applies to all Yondr employees, officers, consultants, contractors, volunteers, interns, casual workers and agency workers when they act on behalf of Yondr. Where Yondr participates in joint ventures, the other party shall be made specifically aware about the significance to Yondr of the policy and shall be encouraged to apply the same policy or a similar standard to the joint venture. This policy applies to interactions in the workplace, including in person encounters and shared online spaces, social media, and any events where Yondr is represented.

It is the collective responsibility of every single person within the organization to create an inclusive culture and foster a sense of belonging. The aim is for our workforce to be truly representative of the locations in which we operate, and for each employee to feel respected and able to give their best.


Our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Policy has been adopted into our global policy handbook to ensure that DEI is front and center for all of our employees globally and that it is important to our business.

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