DEIB Training Initiative


Albourne's Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (“DEIB”) Initiative strives to align our commitment to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity & inclusion with the lived experiences of the Albourne community. Our challenge is to improve how we as a firm communicate and interact with our colleagues and greater community. We are doing this by revisiting, reviewing, and altering how we learn, how we connect with the communities around us, and how we hold ourselves accountable. However, we recognize that this goal cannot be achieved over night. Exposure to varying experiences, discussing different perspectives, and continued education are all necessary in aiding self-awareness. Our aim is for Albourne to be a truly equitable place where all employees not only feel included but also feel like they belong.


An important part of Albourne’s DEIB initiative is ongoing education; with that in mind, Albourne’s DEIB Training Initiative is multi-faceted. We have vetted many training providers, with a preference to work with diverse-led organizations. We have worked with the following organizations which have exceeded our expectations and were well-received:

  • Fisher Law Practice provided Identity & Inclusion Workshops, with an emphasis on unconscious bias and microaggressions, and Conflict Resolution Sessions to all leadership staff and HR globally.
  • Mind Share Partners provided Mental Health Training to: i) all people managers globally; and additionally ii) firmwide, accessible to all employees.
  • Switchboard provided an educational guest speaker for Albourne Pride, our LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group.
  • Clear Law Institute provided Anti-Harassment Training to all US employees.

In addition, all of Albourne’s Corporate Planning Counsel, which is comprised of the firm’s Executive Committee, Region and Function Heads, completed the Stanford Anti-Racism and Allyship 7 Day Journey with discussion group breakouts in 1Q 2021.

We recognized that many DEIB trainings are US-focused, and we have adopted the training material company-wide via our internal wiki resource page.


Albourne’s senior leadership & HR alone have completed over 600 cumulative hours of DEIB training since July 2020. We are in the process of sourcing a global DEIB training provider for ongoing, firm- wide workshops & trainings. We have committed to incorporating DEIB training, including guest speakers, during Albourne’s quarterly ASK (Albourne Shares Knowledge) global training days.


Ensuring our educational journey is ongoing is key. However, from the great colleague feedback, we have also learnt that getting the right training content is also critical. We feel fortunate to have benefited from the referrals of trusted peers and are pleased to refer these groups to others seeking high-quality partners.

John Claisse
Group CEO
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