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DEI Think Tank


Collaboration is key to inclusion, ensuring all Peakons know that this strategy is theirs and they fuel it.


Our Think Tank brings together those from different backgrounds and experiences, sharing their ideas and providing different lenses onto the one strategy and group of initiatives. It’s another way for us to directly listen to our people’s personal insights, and provide action.


We have created a 10-person Think Tank, chaired by our Global Director of DE&I and sponsored by our Exec DEI Sponsor, who is our Chief Technology Officer. It creates a community of Peakons who represent the Peakon experience from different lenses and all of our regions. Provides feedback and insights into the DE&I roadmap including its strategy, key themes, deliverables, milestones, and goals. Creates an open two-way communication path between Peakons and Senior Leadership on DE&I.


Sheree Atcheson 

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