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DEI Scorecards for Staff and National Board


With the guidance of key board members, Jumpstart crafted a DEI strategy for the organization in 2017. As the strategy was implemented and began to have its intended effect, we recognized the need for tracking our progress and measuring outcomes against our goals and intentions. This was important for both transparency and for accountability and necessary to support the work of staff and of the national board, who also made an explicit commitment to DEI at that time.


Senior leadership in partnership with staff volunteers on a newly formed DEI Council created a DEI Scorecard and instituted a process for tracking and reporting metrics on a quarterly basis throughout the year. The CEO in partnership with a newly formed DEI Committee of the national board of directors created a board DEI Scorecard to identify board goals and set director expectations around training, learning, and external representation of Jumpstart’s DEI position and work.


DEI work advances with support from systems and processes of tracking and measurement that facilitate goal setting, that focus staff and board member actions, that make the work visible and routine.


Christopher Benoit


The value of our DEI scorecards is not just in accountability, though it is certainly important to put stakes in the ground and measure our progress in a tangible way. There is tremendous value, too, in the process itself. We were pushed to identify what truly matters to us as an organization committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, why it matters, and what we would expect to see as a result of these actions.

Naila Bolus
CEO, Jumpstart for Young Children
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