DEI Evaluation at Pipeworks Studios


As we started our DEI journey, we wanted to understand what priorities needed to be addressed in order to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. In an industry that is largely behind the times with respect to DEI, we wanted to ensure that we were positioning our company to lead the field in this area.


Pipeworks engaged with an external consultant to conduct an inventory of the organization to understand where the company ranked on a maturity model across 14 key areas of the business.

The areas evaluated were:

  1. Leadership and Accountability,
  2. Community, Government Relations and Social Responsibility,
  3. D&I and Sustainability,
  4. Supplier Diversity,
  5. Product and Services Development,
  6. Communications,
  7. Job Design, Classification and Compensation,
  8. Benefits, Work-life and Flexibility,
  9. Talent Recruitment, Retention, Development and Advancement,
  10. D&I Structure and Implementation,
  11. D&I Vision, Strategy and Business Case,
  12. D&I Learning and Education,
  13. Assessment, Measurement and Research,
  14. Marketing and Customer Service.

As a result of this evaluation, we were able to identify areas of particular strength, risk, and opportunity for the company, as well as identify some specific quick wins.

We decided to add a dedicated DEI page to our website detailing our commitments and work plan to improve DEI at the company, which immediately resulted in approximately 25% of diverse and underrepresented candidates referencing this web page as the reason or a primary reason for their interest in our studio.

We optimized our hiring process and talent management processes to be more equitable and reduce unconscious bias. We also provided training to hiring managers around doing this. These efforts helped lead to an increase of 27% women hired in 2021 compared to 17% in 2019 and 2020. These changes grew our representation among many dimensions of diversity, in part due to these key changes.

Percentage change women: 55% increase, from 9% to 16% of our studio
Percentage change LGBTQIA+: Increase from 15% to 20% of respondents
Percentage change disability: Increase from 18% to 23% of respondents

Pipeworks is excited to share our growth, and understand that there is a lot of improvement to be made. We look forward to continuing our efforts both internally and externally to grow a more diverse and inclusive studio.


Danielle Galli


At Pipeworks, we are working to create an environment where our employees all feel equally empowered to bring their ideas to the table and craft exceptional games. In an industry that has historically lacked diversity, it is critical that we reflect on areas of opportunity, implement new strategies, and foster an inclusive environment. While we celebrate our progress, we never forget that we must continue to improve.

Lindsay Gupton
CEO, Pipeworks Studio
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