Culture Minutes


Providing accessible trainings for associates located onsite and remote workers on important DEI topic such as pronouns, microaggressions and being an ally.


Following the model of Safety Minutes, the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Office created a library of Culture Minutes - single PowerPoint slides on a variety of DEI topics. Stored in the same section as the Quality and Safety Minutes, the Culture Minutes are easily accessible to all associates through SharePoint. Associates are also encouraged to submit Cultural Minutes ensuring the topics are inclusive of a global audience with various experiences related to diversity equity and inclusion. The Culture Minutes provide various topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion including correct pronoun usage, microaggressions and implicit bias. Leaders are encouraged to start meetings with a discussion based on the prompt. The Culture Minutes also allowed accessibility to employees who are non-wired, working in distribution centers and unable to attend virtual sessions..


During 2021, the company reported over 2,400 views of the Culture Minute library doubling from the previous year.


Noel France  

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