Culture-Centered Care


Segments of our patient population are at greater risk of experiencing adverse health outcomes based upon factors related to their racial and ethnic backgrounds.


Advocate Aurora Health launched two notable culture-centered care efforts to address health disparities within two distinct communities. The Advocate South Asian Cardiovascular Center and the Aurora Cancer Care Spanish Clinic are health programs committed to combating health disparities that uniquely impact the South Asian and Hispanic communities, respectively. 

The South Asian Cardiovascular Center at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital seeks to address the South Asian community’s increased risk for heart disease. Led by South Asian Medical Director, Shoeb Sitafalwalla, MD, the center offers comprehensive testing, diagnosis and treatment. The center’s practices are rooted in a thorough understanding of South Asian customs and dietary practices that often lead to cardiovascular health concerns. 

The Aurora Cancer Care Spanish Clinic at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center is the only bilingual, Spanish-speaking cancer clinic in Wisconsin. The clinic is committed to improving cancer care outcomes within the Hispanic community by conducting all consultations, treatments and therapies in Spanish. By overcoming language barriers, Federico Sanchez, MD, and his bilingual team of providers empower patients with a stronger understanding of their diagnosis.


The South Asian Cardiovascular Center raised significant heart disease awareness through its annual event, A Red Sari Evening, which brings the community together in the spirit of health and wellness. The center also leads sodium reduction efforts at South Asian restaurants by providing healthy nutrition training.

The Aurora Cancer Care Spanish Clinic has experienced rapid growth with 46 new patients and 341 follow-up visits. To date, the clinic has served patients from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Peru, Columbia and Guatemala.  Dr. Sanchez’ team continues to be active in the community by attending festivals and health fairs.   


Erickajoy Daniels, SVP, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer


Transforming healthcare requires leadership to build a diverse and inclusive environment where team members can thrive and provide a culturally competent care environment for all patients. By staying connected and committed to the specific needs of our community, we are able to provide culture-centered care which results in better health outcomes for all.

Jim Skogsbergh and Nick Turkal
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