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Cultural Awareness at TPI Composites Inc.


To establish a baseline of how our associates feel about diversity, equity and inclusion.


We asked and our associates responded! Almost 12,000 TPI associates worldwide provided feedback on our recent DE&I survey. That is an 86% response rate. This was the first time as a company we asked our associates what they think about DE&I through this type of survey. The survey results provided baseline measures that as a leadership team we can seek to understand and improve upon. The survey focused on diversity, and feelings of belonging, inclusivity, and being equitably treated while at TPI.


Overall, our DE&I index score was 70% favorable which is a good start, but we have opportunities to improve. The top items globally included strengths in TPI’s overall cultural connection and organizational intent around DE&I. For example, “I feel safe sharing my cultural background, experiences, and perspectives in the workplace” (80% positive) and “I do not need to hide part of my identity to be successful at TPI (80% favorable).”

Our key items to improve globally included opportunities in local-level advancement (career growth), inclusion or feelings of belonging, and organizational level support for DE&I.

Each region is now responsible for developing an action plan to seek to understand the feedback and take meaningful action against the results. As we learn more from the feedback and continue to seek additional feedback through focus groups and other channels, we will share specific actions that we plan to take both globally and regionally with our associates.


Deane Ilukowicz, Chief People Officer


As a global business, all of us at TPI have an incredible opportunity to benefit from the diversity we have in our company. We can and will do more to maximize the positive impact that inclusion, equity, diversity and creating a culture of belonging can bring. I commit to listen, learn and work together to take meaningful action for lasting change.

William Siwek
CEO, TPI Composites, Inc.
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