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Cultural Awareness at Jimcor Agency, Inc.


Create a space where different cultures are learned about, celebrated and respected.


Jimcor Agencies is a family-owned company which has always instilled family values and embraced diversity amongst its associates and the community.

Jimcor has offices located in the Northeast and Southeast of the United States. As a company, Jimcor has been very fortunate to have offices located in or near large metropolitan areas. Due to its proximity and the how the world has evolved, it has inherently brought changes into our office communities. This has helped given us the opportunity to employ associates with diverse backgrounds and interact with different cultures in the community.

To bring awareness and learn about the various differences in our cultures we implemented several things at Jimcor:

  1. Spirit – We created our vision and mission statement around the word SPIRIT which stands for Service, Professional, Innovative, Respect, Initiative & Teamwork. After developing our acronym, our associates helped us develop our vision and mission statement using the word SPIRIT as its foundation. While each word is very important in our statement, the word Respect and what it means to Jimcor and its associates, demonstrates the awareness we all have. Below is an excerpt from our vision and mission statement and what Respect stands for in the Jimcor community:

    Respect – We treat everyone in an equal, positive & courteous manner.
    Every job at Jimcor is important
    Be prompt, considerate and polite to all associates
    Maintain a positive outlook
    Embrace diversity

    All of our associates use the word SPIRIT in their everyday language at Jimcor as a reminder of
    our culture and the values we all believe in.

  2. Diversity Day – Every year at Jimcor we hold a Diversity Day for our associates. On this day we encourage our associates to share their differences with one another. Whether it be through traditional food, clothing, paintings/pictures, or stories about their background. We create an open and safe space for everyone to share and learn from one another.

  3. Floating Holiday – We recognize our associates come from different backgrounds and there are certain days that some may celebrate and days that others may not. To give all of our associates an opportunity to recognize a holiday that is meaningful to them but may not be a part of our listing of standard annual holidays, we give all of our associates a Floating holiday. This gives everyone the opportunity to pick a day of their choice to reflect and/or celebrate.

Associates have embraced each other’s differences and respect one another.


Coryn Thalmann

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