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Creation of The Diversity Captains Team


Assemble internal group of leaders, ie. “Captains” across the OHM network to focus on increasing/tracking the firm’s workplace diversity efforts at each local office. Continuously develop impactful initiatives that enhance our corporate culture and the world around us.


Create DEI Plan as a framework for cultivating a culture that supports, empowers, and respects diverse talent. Annually report out on the overarching goals that have been achieved throughout the year. Share contributions amongst all employees’ firm wide, to further engagement and encourage a culture of collaboration/education.


OHM formed a team of 17 self-appointed “Captains” across all three of our geographies. Captains represented their geography and helped carry out the goals and initiatives put forth in the company’s DEI Plan. This initiative was recommended by Dr. Damon Williams, Chief Catalyst, Leader, Scholar, and Educator at the Center for Strategic Diversity Leadership & Social Innovation.

This leadership position takes 6-10 hours of work each month and aligns with individual performance goals. Expectations of the position were discussed with the Captain’s immediate supervisor and utilization goal were adjusted appropriately to allow for this important work. Captains were led by the Diversity Committee and received support/ training to accomplish established goals.


  1. Create activation plans for geographic area that align with and drive the overall DEI plan.
  2. Coordinate with direct supervisors to incorporate role into goals.
  3. Serve as a local conduit for corporate communications, outreach, and feedback on the DEI plan.
  4. Champion recruitment enhancements within respective area.
  5. Encourage/ track local talent cultivation activities, including local high school STEM outreach, college programs, and more.
  6. Promote OHM Scholarship within respective area.
  7. Host local diversity focus groups on retention, leadership, and mentoring, including moderating future diversity forum training.
  8. Track progress using the diversity maturity assessment.
  9. Report out on findings/feedback within respective area and provide updates on activities/goals.

Dee White


At our firm’s core, we believe that diversity drives innovation. With COVID-19 impacting every individual, business and organization globally today, we’re seeing the starkest example of the crucial need for teams of people with a broader perspective of ideas, backgrounds and experiences to create powerful and unique solutions to such unprecedented challenges.

John Hiltz
OHM Advisors President
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