Creation of Associate Resource Groups (ARGs)


Increase associate focus and promote associate engagement around inclusionand diversity at Ameritas.


Ameritas began grass-root conversations in July of 2021 with associates to determine interest in Associate Resource Groups (ARGs) – voluntary, associate-led groups reflecting shared characteristics, backgrounds, life experiences, and allyship. Conversations were led by the Ameritas Inclusion & Diversity Leadership Council (IDLC). Associates showed interest in ARG’s based on race and ethnicity, gender and gender identity, differing ages and abilities, and veteran status with some associates eager to lead or help lead these groups.


Ameritas launched four ARGs in October of 2021: a Young Professionals ARG called “NextGen Bison”, an LGBTQ+ ARG called “Bison PRIDE”, a Black/African American ARG and a People with Disabilities ARG, both pending an official name. Associates with a strong sense of commitment stepped-up as volunteer leaders of these ARGs, forming charters and goals approved by the IDLC. Ameritas associates were invited to attend collaborative planning sessions facilitated by ARG leaders to learn more about the groups, discuss purpose statements identifying what they want to accomplish, and how each group can strive to make Ameritas an even better place to work. It was especially meaningful to emphasize that everyone is welcome to join an ARG, as a member of the group being represented, as an ally, or simply as someone who wants to learn more. These groups will focus on interactions that create and promote a safe, inclusive space where members can share concerns, find support, and build new connections.


Ann Avery

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