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Changing the culture of an organization takes time, money, and emotional labor from staff at all levels of the organization.


We created a National EID working group, identified regional EID representatives in each of GRID’s offices, and created affinity groups. This action creates space for staff to work together on GRID’s EID mission: a diverse, inclusive organization where everyone can bring their whole selves to work and thrive. Several layers of groups creates a two-way flow of information between GRID’s national organization and regional affiliates, allowing offices to learn from one another and identify challenges.

Additionally, staff created affinity groups to allow for a mass unfiltered space for individuals to share their experiences and support one another. We have three affinity groups: Women in Construction, Working Mamas, a pilot Black and Indigenous People of Color group and want to expand more affinity groups in more locations.

Through this process, we have also taken steps to recognize that EID is a core part of everyone’s job in our organization. That means meetings of the EID working groups and affinity groups happen during work hours and are seen as an essential job function.


This work is ongoing and not something we can “fix” in a day, year, or decade. Our regional EID reps now meet once a month to talk about what’s happening in the regional offices, share ideas, have hard conversations regarding EID issues, and support one another. reating the National EID working group and affinity groups has created a safe workspace for brainstorming, idea sharing, and support.


Irasema Garcia: Director of Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity

You can't change what you can't see. I encourage renewable energy executives to sign the CEO Action for Inclusion Pledge and take concrete steps to assess and be transparent about equity, inclusion, and diversity in their workplace.

Erica Mackie, GRID Alternatives CEO & Co-founder

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