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Creating a global environment that values diversity allows us to continue to bring cutting-edge thinking to the workplace that will drive innovation, which is critical to fulfilling our mission – to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner, safer- and achieving our vision for 2020. Our vision for 2020, become one of the World’s Most Admired Companies by promoting an inclusive culture that encourages full engagement.


In 2012, the Office of Global Diversity and Inclusion hit the ground running by developing Employee Resource Groups (ERGS) and education awareness campaigns to begin revolutionizing the culture at Thermo Fisher Scientific. Over the past 5 years, we have had the ability to launch 7 Global ERGS. Starting with the Women’s ERG, African Heritage ERG, Millennials’ ERG, LGTBA ERG, possAbilities ERG, Veteran’s ERG to our newest Latino Hispanic ERG. Each ERG provides a voice to encourage diverse thinking and impacts the five specific business drivers (Market Revenue Growth, Talent, Performance Engagement, Brand/Corporate Social Responsibility, Innovation) of our organization. Each of our 7 Global ERGS and their members act as champions to help support and promote a diverse and inclusive work culture.

Educating our employees is another one of the foundation aspects to our office. We offer a wide variety of programs and trainings starting with new hirers all the way up to people leaders. As each employee continues their professional journey at Thermo Fisher Scientific, their diversity journey strengthen and continues as well. Each education and training focuses on different aspects of Diversity and Inclusion, our wide range of teachings start with building global relations for better business to touching on the concepts of unconscious bias. These different programs help showcase how to lead with inclusive behaviors.


Each of our employees recognizes the importance of a continuous culture of diversity and inclusiveness so we not only remain competitive in today’s global marketplace, but provide the best possible working environment for our employees as well.

I want Thermo Fisher Scientific to be a great place to work, where different opinions and perspectives are valued. Enhancing our culture of diversity and inclusion is critical to our own personal development as well as our company’s future growth. It allows us to bring the best thinking to work to drive innovation, which in turn helps us to best serve our customers. Our Employee Resource Groups are key to creating an environment that is supportive and comfortable for all employees. They also serve as an important reminder that D&I is everyone’s responsibility – and one that we all take very seriously.

Marc N. Casper, President and CEO, Thermo Fisher Scientific

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