Creating an Inclusive and Diverse Culture to Reflect our Consumers & Communities


Our challenge is to create a more engaged, inclusive workforce that represents the diversity of our customers and the communities in which we live.

Our prioritized focus areas are:

  1. Further activate all leaders to support a diverse and inclusive culture in which we are all encouraged and empowered to be our authentic selves.
  2. Increase representation and engagement of underrepresented workforce segments (Global Women Leaders, US Minority representation)
  3. Advance equality and fairness through community involvement & employee education

Activate Leaders
We launched the Inclusive Culture Council in 2019, consisting of leaders from across all business units, and sponsored by our CEO and CHRO. The council established the I&D strategy, roadmap, and belief statement that we shared with our senior leaders at an annual leadership forum. We launched a company-wide learning series on diversity, inclusion, and unconscious bias to further educate all employees.

Increase Representation of Global Women Leaders & US Minority
We have established an enterprise-wide goal of increasing women people leaders by 5% in the next three years. We are working toward this target through a number of efforts around talent acquisition, better engaging our female associates and increasing their internal mobility.

We have partnered with the Network of Executive Women, NEW, to provide resources, networking and leadership development opportunities. We established the Women’s Engineering Network in 2018 and are planning an enterprise wide women’s employee impact group. We have sponsored several women leaders to participate in targeted development programs, including the Society of Women Engineers Conference, NEW’s leadership summit and Rising Stars Programs, and other regional women’s development

We are working toward aligning our talent processes to better recruit, retain and develop underrepresented employee segments at all levels.

Our ERG Playbook will guide in forming new employee resource groups that are focused on creating a business impact.

Community Involvement:
We have aligned much of our community giving toward raising awareness and support for women and communities of color through our partnerships with Habitat for Humanity and their Women Build program, Beyond Sports Foundation, Sistema Ravinia, Symbol Training and City Colleges of Chicago.

We continue to educate our front-line leaders on holding conversations with their teams on the importance of creating a safe and inclusive environment, one that is respectful and free of harassment.


Senior leaders are engaged and support our diversity and inclusion efforts. Each business unit has launched or is launching their own I&D Council to better support needs of local businesses and move the needle on our inclusion and diversity metrics.

We are leaning into difficult conversations, creating opportunities and platforms to discuss real-time issues and preparing our leaders to drive meaningful change in our workplace and communities.

Our Women’s Engineering Network is thriving, and a recent employee engagement survey revealed significant improvement in engagement scores for women in this function. Over 100 women have joined NEW and actively participate in their learning and networking. We have established a scorecard to track our progress against our people leader metric.

Our I&D learning series is receiving positive feedback and we plan to launch unconscious bias training by the end of 2020.


Shane Bill
[email protected]


Supporting inclusion and diversity is not only the right thing to do, it is a key component of strengthening our overall business for long-term growth. I am proud that by signing the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge our company is joining more than 900 of the world’s leading organizations to leverage our individual and collective voices to advance diversity and inclusion.

Nicholas Fink
CEO, Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc.
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