Creating a Robust Talent Pipeline


The competition for talent is fierce and the mining industry is one of many preparing for the increasing loss of knowledge transfer due to retiring employees leaving the workforce at a greater rate than they can be replaced.


Coeur provides employees with flexibility for growth within the Company with three development programs.

  1. Internship Program provides on-the-job opportunities for students in US, Canada and Mexico. Each intern is assigned a pre-approved site project and share their learnings and accomplishments with the executive team at the end of Summer Intern Summit at the headquarters office. Those interns that excel and fit our culture are offered full time jobs graduation and select interns are chosen for the Coeur Development Program.
  2. Coeur Development Program (CDP) is a two-year rotational program to give the entry-level talent a strong and well-rounded foundation of Coeur’s business and culture. Within CDP, the new graduates are hired to a primary site where they rotate throughout the various functions, are provided a business improvement rotation at headquarters and exposure to special projects at other Coeur operations. Throughout the CDP, they are sponsored for specialized training, attend industry events and assigned an experienced mentor to work with and guide them.
  3. Internal Talent Transfer starts with Coeur’s annual succession planning process followed by quarterly ‘pipeline calls’ to discuss opportunities for current employees to do a short-term project or make a permanent move into open positions at another operation.

Internship Program:

  • US and Mexico operations have hired and average of 53% of Summer interns for full time roles since 2014.


  • 100% of the graduates are provided full-time employment.

Internal Transfers:

  • Since 2016, we’ve provided 31 internal transfers to permanently move to another Coeur operation and an average of 20 short-term projects at a different operation per year.



Kirstie Bakke
[email protected]


Investment in our talent is critical to our sustainability as a Company. We prioritize giving our new talent exposure to fresh, substantive experiences that provide exposure to new perspectives throughout our organization. In return, we gain a more collaborative and inclusive culture with a qualified pipeline.

Mitchell J. Krebs
President & CEO, Coeur Mining, Inc.
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