Creating a Conscious Culture of Inclusion


Create a strong culture of inclusion to leverage the power of diversity for our employees, customers and communities.


American Family is committed to creating a strong culture of inclusion. Diversity and inclusion (D&I) is embedded in our formal leadership events, internal presentations, corporate communications, and employee training programs.

We provide diversity and inclusion learning opportunities that are adjusted to a leader or employee audience. Updates are provided to leaders throughout the year during organizational professional development opportunities. We have created an online manager toolkit that provides D&I resources and suggestions to incorporate topics in team activities.

Specific to employees, we have conducted interviews to inform our work in building mentoring programs. We have also developed a social media platform that provides educational resources and conversation starters around D&I topics. We are actively strengthening the connection to Business Resource Groups (BRGs) to increase their impact on the business and increased opportunities for strong cultural competency.


We have invited industry experts to train and educate our employees and leaders on important topics such as unconscious bias and inclusive leadership. We have also developed unconscious bias training for all employees. Diversity and inclusion are focus areas during our annual Leader Rally and Leader Forum events, which bring together all of our organization’s leaders for training and education. Our CEO has authored several blog articles and internal communications affirming his personal commitment to creating an inclusive culture, and shared personal stories relevant to our D&I discussions. We continue to see increased excitement and engagement in building a conscious culture of inclusion.


Jim Buchheim

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