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Create a DICK'S Sporting Goods Diversity & Inclusion Council


We recognized the need to cultivate an environment and culture that's inclusive and reflective of our broad teammate population.


In order to foster an open dialogue and champion our commitment advancing our diversity and inclusion strategy, we are creating the DICK'S Sporting Goods Diversity & Inclusion Council comprised of twelve teammates from across our stores, distribution centers, and corporate offices who represent different demographics, experiences and backgrounds. These individuals will meet quarterly to share insights and ideas.


The desired outcomes of the DICK'S Sporting Goods Diversity & Inclusion Council will be to:

  1. Build understanding, respect and empowerment across teammates diversity and the perspectives they bring to the organization.
  2. Help build a culture of inclusion.
  3. To provide insights and ideas on how we can create and sustain an inclusive workplace that respects and values differences.


Paloma DeNardis: [email protected]

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