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COVID19 Response


Providing sliding scale options to nonprofit organizations and individuals to access our Breaking Racial Bias program, in light of COVID19’s disproportionate impact on communities of color.


We instituted a scholarship program to increase access to all of our courses to individuals, nonprofit organizations, and small businesses who are addressing COVID19’s impact on communities of color, particularly Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and Asian American communities.


Instituting this program has led us to provide access to our courses widely to individuals across US geographies. Almost a third of our Breaking Racial Bias cohorts comprise of individuals and organizations that have received scholarships. It has allowed us to bring skills to address systemic racism to frontline communities innovating solutions to systemic racism. 


Diversity means the embodiment and celebration of all aspects of our humanity – being a parent is one of them. At a time when we face multiple crises around racial equity and planetary sustainability, our workplace culture must accommodate needs of parents so they can raise emotionally healthy, ethical, and compassionate humans who can wholeheartedly serve the needs of our society.

Ana Gupta
Founder & CEO, BE MORE with Anu
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