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COVID-19 Response at ProTitle USA


During March and April of 2020, COVID-19 cases were rising. Employees kept growing more concerned about the virus. Soon after, Bucks and Philadelphia County put forward a mandate to work from home where possible.


With the growing concerns and stay at home mandates, CEO and upper management got together to come up with a detailed plan in order to have the most amount of people stay home and work remotely to ensure safety. This plan also included how the company would start coming back into work when the COVID-19 cases started to go down.


All employees were sent to work from home until further notice. Equipment was given out to ensure every employee would be able to complete their tasks. This included laptops and monitors as needed. There were options available to come to the office if the employee would not have been able to work remotely but we did not come across this issue. There were a few employees that would have certain times to come into the office to complete tasks that were not able to be completed remotely. This included getting and processing the mail, bank deposits, and other miscellaneous tasks relating to our business. These employees only came in for these tasks and then went back home to limit interactions. Most of our business is able to be completed remotely so we did not have any issues having majority of the employees work remotely. As cases started to lower, employees began coming back to work in the office. We were able to spread out the employees in different offices as well as have alternating in office days. We followed the CDC guidelines which included mask wearing while not in your office and we practiced social distancing. During this time, we had an employee test positive while we were in office. In order to stop the spread, we sent everyone to work remotely for a week and had the office disinfected.

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