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Covid-19 Response at Haskell


The safety and well-being of our team members is a priority at Haskell.  During the pandemic, our leadership team felt it was extremely important to offer extended support, not only to those who continued to work within our office locations but also to those who were working remotely due to family obligations or health issues. One of the main challenges we faced was finding ways to keep our team members safe while continuing to serve our customers through project execution. 


In mid-March 2020, the majority of our office-based team members moved to remote-based workspaces.   Teleworking plans were initiated that allowed our team to work productively and efficiently from home-based locations.  In May 2020, we began a phased approach to bring approximately 25% of our team members back into the office.  As of April 2021, approximately 75% of the team has returned to the office.
The following actions were implemented at the beginning of the pandemic as we focused exclusively on our team members health and safety.  Our efforts centered around providing support to every team member, whether working in an office location or remotely. 

Office Safety Protocol Efforts:
Created reopening plan strategies for all office locations, monitored by office leaders.

  • Evaluated workspace design – offering recommended social distancing within workspaces
  • Created and displayed appropriate Covid-19 related signage and information
  • Initiated enhanced cleaning protocol throughout the day and at night
  • Daily health screenings and temperature checks upon office entry with mandated use of face coverings while in office common space. Also initiated use of PWC contact tracing software application
  • Provided disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer throughout the office space
  • In-person meeting size limitations
  • Compliance with all state and county executive orders

Focused on Team Member Engagement:
Engagement is key to our business strategy and we are committed to open and honest feedback and enhanced communication.  During the Covid-19 pandemic we Initiated 3 pulse feedback surveys through the Gallup platform to evaluate the engagement of our staff while working remotely.  Highlights of key results included:

  • 93% of our team members strongly agree/agree on confidence in the leadership of the company to successfully manage emerging challenges
  • “My company cares about my overall well-being” scored in the 86th percentile of data base
  • “I trust the leadership of my company” scored in the Top Quartile of the Gallup database
  • 86% of team members agreed or strongly agreed that “Haskell would do what is right when a concern is raised about ethics or integrity”

Enhanced Team Member Benefits:
Due to the nature of the unprecedented challenges faced during the impact of the Covid-19 virus, benefits were enhanced to provide as much relief as possible to those impacted personally.

  • Medical Plans – waived all co-pay or deductible costs for COVID-19 related visits to physician office, urgent care or emergency room
  • Telemedicine – associated Fees for Teladoc services were waived
  • Family Care Leave – Four-week benefit provided for team members to care for spouse, parent or child. Benefit of 80% increased to 100% of base salary based on the potential impact of COVID-19. 
  • Special Care Pay Initiated – new benefit created to assist team members required to self-quarantine based on CDC guidelines. For those who could not work remotely, team members were provided 100% of their pay for up to 14 days.  Also provides paid time off to obtain Covid-19 vaccine
  • Short Term Disability - Benefit increased to 100% of team member salary

These extended benefits as well as enhanced office safety protocols continue to be in place.  We are continually monitoring the evolving circumstances surrounding this pandemic and adjusting our actions based on the current situation.


Haskell’s leadership team believes that addressing diversity and inclusion in our workplace must focus on developing methods of responding to and addressing the immediate needs of our team members when unexpected incidents arise. 
During the Covid-19 pandemic Haskell’s leadership felt it important to continue our diversity and inclusion efforts by focusing on the new challenges of our team members as they worked through the Covid crisis.  Instead of putting our D & I program on hold we looked for ways to focus on the challenges of responding to the pandemic through the implementation of safety protocols, extended benefits and continuous communications.  By putting our team members first, we built a level of commitment that correlates to our core values of Team, Excellence, Service and Trust.

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