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COVID-19: CEO Video Message


On Monday, March 23, our CEO, Tom Troy, posted a video message on our intranet. You can find the message by going here. The video message was well received by our colleagues and had record levels of viewership. Below are just a few of the 100+ comments posted to the video by employees:

  • Thank you for taking time to share this update. Glad we are assisting with our partner vendors as well as providing assistance within the community. Tonight while talking with one of our customers about his policy, at the end of the conversation he said "I don't know what is going on there in this difficult time, but I am very surprised and happy to have been able to reach someone immediately and get the help I need."  I'm sure a lot of people throughout the organization deserve credit for our ability to adapt and continue to serve. It also takes a strong and effective leader with foresight and compassion. Thank you Tom.

  • Thank you for the update.  Thank you for taking care of us AND our partners and community.  I couldn't be more proud to work for CSAA as I am right now.  I truly appreciate the ability to keep working - my husband was laid off on Friday without pay until his place of work can open again - so our foresight and willing to take a risk and move everyone to work at home takes a huge burden off our family and probably many of our CSAA families.  Working also helps with the anxiety about what's happening and helps keep me somewhat calm during this crisis.

  • Everything that is happening now is changing the future landscape (think how 9/11 also did that) and we are going to be ahead of the curve when we come out the other end. Talk about thinking big and moving fast! Our new core beliefs couldn't have come at a better time.  Appreciate your leadership and calm presence during this time.   

    PS:  Your daughter is a great videographer!  Look forward to more videos.

  • Thank you Tom for your heartfelt words, strong leadership and letting us into your world. I love the notion of Abraham Lincoln watching over you as you work and make important decisions for CSAA IG.  This May it will be 18 years that I've called CSAA home, and I've never been more proud of my company, the people I work with and our leaders.  We are in this together.
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