Council for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


The Bonadio Group understands that an inclusive work environment allows all of its people to achieve their greatest potential and the greatest results for the firm's clients and communities. In 2019, The Bonadio Group formed a Council for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion which is comprised of team members from a range of practice areas, levels and backgrounds. The Council seeks to foster firm-wide awareness and sensitivity to the effects, challenges and demands of maintaining a diverse workplace. To obtain a baseline understanding of where the firm stands, leadership developed a survey for employees to help guide the firm's education and strategic discussions around the various topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Laura Meyers, Manager of Corporate Communications


Though our Council for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is just getting started, we're excited by the progress made so far in educating ourselves about the steps needed to maintain a diverse workplace. The recent benchmarking survey of our employees will serve to further these efforts as we work to better understand the challenges and develop forward-looking solutions around diversity, equity and inclusion.

Bruce Zicari
CEO, The Bonadio Group
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