Corporate Social Responsibility Team's Partnership and Invetsment in Employee Resource Groups


Create deeper connection between Employee Resource Group (our name for affinity groups) members and the efforts of our Corporate Social Responsibility team to strengthen our community impact.


From substance abuse to senior care, homelessness to food insecurity, Cambia Health Solutions supports organizations that are creating transformative change in our communities. And our employees are passionate about giving too -- generating over $2.4 million to 2,600 community organizations last year. From serving as nonprofit board members to volunteering to giving matched financial donations, Cambia employees consistently step up to help people in need.

Despite the strength of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts, we saw opportunities to deepen the connection with our Employee Resource Group (ERG) members. Over several years we have:

  1. Identified a CSR team member to serve as a liaison for all ERGs
  2. Provided dedicated funding for each ERG to partner with community-based organizations
  3. Partnered with ERGs to identify board service opportunities for ERG members
  4. Supported volunteer engagement opportunities

The CSR liaison for our ERGs attends all ERG meetings, helps host volunteer events, identifies speakers from nonprofits and helps coordinates panel discussions. She serves as a resource to make it easier for ERGs to achieve their goals and create synergies across ERGs and the company.

Additionally, our CSR team has provided each ERG with $7,000 annually to invest nonprofit organizations that align with the ERG’s mission. We’re also working to provide professional development opportunities for employees and support nonprofits by connecting interested ERG members with nonprofit board service opportunities.

These efforts have resulted in more meaningful and diverse community investments, an increased corporate presence across our markets, and greater opportunities for our ERG members internally and externally.  


Michelle Schwartz

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