Corporate Diversity & Inclusion Strategy


To foster a culture of inclusion — one where every employee is fully engaged, feels valued and respected for their unique skills, talents, and experiences, and is empowered to deliver on their full potential. 


In 2015, we introduced our corporate-wide strategy for diversity and inclusion and actively worked to lay the foundation necessary to foster an inclusive culture. We created a common language for diversity and inclusion, encouraged open conversations, and increased understanding of the behaviors necessary to foster an inclusive work environment.

The four key focus areas of our strategy are:  

  1. Fostering an inclusive culture
  2. Advancing inclusion through learning
  3. Communicating and engaging
  4. Connecting inclusion throughout the company

Some of the initiatives we implemented:

1. We offered employees a number of comprehensive, integrated and sustainable learning opportunities to establish a shared understanding and common language around diversity and inclusion and encouraging self-awareness and personal accountability. - Launch and company-wide completion of interactive web-based Diversity and Inclusion training - Voluntary D&I Self-assessment - In-person training EEO and Diversity & Inclusion sessions and seminar “Embracing Diversity and Advancing Inclusion: Why Diversity Alone is Not Enough”

2. The success of any culture-change initiative requires the commitment, support, and visible engagement of the company’s leadership team. We established our executive Diversity and Inclusion council. We also implemented and facilitated quarterly Leadership Inclusion Roundtables.

3. We regularly examine and strengthen our policies and our procedures. In partnership with our LGBT Pride employee resource group – we reviewed our transgender guidelines and identified and launched transgender awareness training to support transitioning employees.


Nicole Leon
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Our diversity — and our deepening culture of inclusion — empower us all to see more clearly, think more broadly, and engage more fully as we evolve, innovate, and imagine the future ahead.

John McAvoy
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