Conversations on Inclusion and Diversity and Conscious Inclusion Training


At Wellpath, inclusion and diversity of thought, race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, ability, and culture are vital to who we are. We believe that creating a supportive, fair, and safe culture is how we will thrive and achieve our mission to provide quality care to every patient with compassion, collaboration, and innovation. Wellpath is committed to fostering an environment free from discrimination and inequity. Wellpath also endeavors to be a place where respect and diversity are celebrated and hope and healing are provided to our patients, partners, and each other. In 2020, numerous social injustice headlines prompted the organization to assess and improve individual and collective efforts to promote equal justice and treatment. Wellpath realized the need to act on ensuring that the organization has an inclusive environment and identifying and improving upon opportunities for growth.


Wellpath strengthened its commitment to inclusion and diversity through Conversations on Inclusion and Diversity. This initiative began with team members being trained to facilitate Inclusion Conversations at their respective sites, with their teams, or with other members of the Wellpath family. During facilitator training and conversation sessions, team members were encouraged to exercise self-reflection and awareness of their own biases. These sessions began thoughtful dialogue wherein team members could share experiences and discuss what Wellpath can continue to do and start to do to foster a more inclusive environment. 

Wellpath also recently began a Conscious Inclusion training initiative. This initiative is an extension of the Inclusion conversations. The goals of this training are to help trainees recognize unconscious bias and its impact in the workplace, exhibit inclusive behaviors and forge a path toward conscious inclusion. Twenty-seven Wellpath Human Resources Business Partners (HRBPs) were completed the training and were trained to facilitate Conscious Inclusion training for other members of the Wellpath family in the future. Team members’ level of engagement during the sessions and genuine interest in the subject matter suggest continued growth and enhancement of Wellpath’s inclusion and diversity journey.


The conversations and training initiated more open dialogue to assess inclusivity at Wellpath. Post-Inclusion Conversations engagement survey results revealed that team members believe that Wellpath is a demographically diverse organization. These survey results also identified minority and women representation in executive leadership as an area in which there is great opportunity for growth at Wellpath. Conscious Inclusion training is the next step of fostering a more inclusive Wellpath as the organization continues to incorporate Inclusion and diversity throughout all divisional operations.


As the son of Cuban immigrants, I believe inclusion and diversity are not only important public and company movements, but ones near to my own heart and journey. In the summer of 2020, I said that Wellpath must redouble our efforts, as a company and as individuals, to do all we can to promote equal treatment and justice. We serve our patients without prejudice and I believe that we all try to live Wellpath’s values by treating all people with compassion, kindness, dignity and respect. This is why I am signing the Pledge. Inclusion and Diversity is part of our mission, and our mantra “Always Do the Right Thing”. Looking forward, Wellpath will continue to grow and focus efforts on diversity and inclusion throughout our organization, building our culture of compassion and collaboration, and bringing hope and healing to our patients, partners and people.

Jorge Dominicis
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