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Contran Cares -- Investing in Employees and the Community


To continue growing our various businesses with an enhanced focus on an inclusive and welcoming corporate culture and expanded philanthropy.


Employees at all levels in the company are invited to participate in an employee led committee, supported by the Company, to make available to employees the opportunity to attend lunch-and-learn events where nonprofit organizations will be invited to speak to the employees about community events and philanthropic initiatives. In addition, the company will look to introduce activities that foster teamwork and provide corporate volunteer opportunities highlighting charities identified by employees and provide information and avenues for employee support. These actions will be taken to create an environment built around respect for our employees and giving back to our community.


The first employee organized event was launched in July 2017. This event focused on helping those experiencing homelessness during the hot Texas summer. Contran looked to make the summer a little easier for the less fortunate by providing 200 Summer Survival Kits for distribution. The kits, once collected and organized by Contran employees, were provided to The Stewpot, an organization in Dallas offering a safe haven for homeless and at-risk individuals, providing resources for basic survival needs as well as opportunities to start a new life. The Stewpot began serving food to the homeless and hungry in 1975, and programs now include a wide range of social services including programs for children and youth. After a successful and very generous week of donations by Contran employees, 220 survival kits were prepared and delivered to The Stewpot. A second event offered to Contran employees was the opportunity to participate with other local employers to pack meals for shipment around the world through various MobilePack™ events through a program called Feed My Starving Children sponsored by a Christian non-profit. This event gave employees the opportunity to work together at an off-site location and engage in a meaningful volunteer event that highlighted on a global scale the needs of impoverished children. Through activities such as those described above, employees of Contran Corporation have participated in several recent events that provided them an opportunity to be part of a caring and participative corporate culture and foster an environment of teamwork in a manner that promotes philanthropic awareness. Through a recently created committee of employees, Contran Cares, the group will look for future opportunities where the company and the employees can be part of a caring work community.

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