Compassionate Leadership


Giving young people who demonstrate great potential, an opportunity to learn about our industry, while also providing them with flexible schedules to manage childcare and the emergencies that may arise.  


Compassionate Leadership was the natural evolution that occurred when young people with small children joined the company. We recognized that they have responsibilities to their families, and we accommodate their needs whenever possible. This applies to both men and women.

We clearly communicate the tasks that must be completed and the deadlines for completion. We speak candidly and respectfully about expectations and create a safe environment in which our staff can address their issues and resolve any challenges that may exist.

By expressing sincere concern for the needs of our employees, we have developed a company culture that nurtures each individual and encourages them to grow, to take risks and to achieve their personal goals. The positive feelings that have developed, inspire and motivate them to rise above self-doubt. Whether they need help in understanding an assignment, or they need time to deal with a personal issue, they are not afraid to speak the truth, because they know that they will not be punished for doing so.


Our staff has consistently taken ownership of their responsibilities and achieved far beyond our expectations or theirs. Rather than abusing the flexibility and time off that we provide, they work weekends and evenings when necessary, to complete projects and meet deadlines.


Kimberlee Centera


We have been conditioned to think that if we show compassion in business, people will exploit our ‘weaknesses’. We’ve spent decades becoming more businesslike. In the process, many have encased themselves in compassion-proof armor. It is time to embrace our diversity and make workplaces more humane. 

Kimberlee Centera
CEO, TerraPro Solutions
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