Action Categories

Community Investments/Economic Relief


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Callan donated to organizations aimed at helping food insecurity and
homelessness/poverty initiatives, and has continued its investment in engaging minority- and women-owned businesses.

Examples include:

  • Callan made a significant donation to the United Way COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund and promoted the fund internally to employees, as well as on social media, to encourage more donations. The link has been featured at the top of our homepage since March.
  • Callan donated to Feeding America through an internal employee campaign that promoted Callan-branded fitness gear so employees will be encouraged to exercise while working from home.
  • Through our program Callan Connects, we continue our outreach to emerging investment managers and diverse-, women-, and disabled-owned firms as part of our unique manager search process. Engaging diverse and emerging managers ensures that we provide our clients with access to investment managers that reflect the diversity of their fund beneficiaries. During the pandemic, we now hold virtual meetings throughout the year, rather than in-person.
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