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Commitment and Action Through Organizational Unit Plans

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  • Reinforce that diversity and inclusion is not solely an HR initiative. 
  • Develop the commitment of the organizational units to each take ownership and actively develop plans that contribute to diversity and inclusion objectives.
  • Engage with the organizational unit leaders and teams to identify how they can better incorporate diversity into their operations. 


In 2017, Edison International's president and CEO asked each of the company's organizational units to develop a strategy and action plan for a more diverse and inclusive work environment. Diversity & Inclusion consultants and HR business partners collaborated to work with the organizational unit executives to ensure understanding, commitment and buy in and to identify someone from their team to lead the effort.

Each team was instructed to focus on identifying actions to take in four performance areas: inclusive work environment, talent development, leadership pipeline and workforce representation.


By strategically engaging each organizational unit in the journey to inclusion and holding leaders accountable to drive greater levels of inclusion and diversity within their respective areas of responsibility, we have begun to shift our culture and increase the diversity and inclusiveness of our workforce through intentional measurable efforts.

Review of the current state and desired state was conducted. Based on the outcomes of the organizational unit cultural assessment, areas of opportunity were identified, and two-year action plans and accountability measures were developed and employed. Every six months, each organizational unit team meets with the executive team to provide a status update, including lessons learned.


Liji Thomas: [email protected]

At Edison International, we are proud of our diverse workforce, which reflects the wide range of cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds of the communities where we live and serve. My commitment is to enable our workforce to drive sustainable results. I know that it is not only important to promote the diversity of our workforce, but also to foster an environment where unique experiences, perspectives and voices are embraced and heard. Diversity and inclusion are critical business drivers to Edison International's strategic success. 

Pedro J. Pizarro, president and CEO, Edison International

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